About Nicholas Joseph Luiz

Experienced Powerlifting Competitor

A graduate of Ashford University with a bachelor of science in organizational management, Nicholas Joseph Luiz earned membership in the Golden Key International Honor Society. Currently, he focuses on personal health and wellness as a competitive weightlifter. Nicholas Joseph Luiz has participated in multiple powerlifting competitions, including the Teenage & Junior Men's National Powerlifting Championships, where he finished second in his division. His notable achievements include a personal best deadlift weight of 556 pounds.

Alongside his powerlifting pursuits, Mr. Luiz maintains an interest in nutrition. As an independent distributor with LifeVantage since 2020, he educates clients on a range of high-quality products to potentially enhance fitness and health goals. As an independent distributor with LifeVantage, guiding customers in selecting products to support a healthy lifestyle. Also, he focuses on healthy eating habits as what you put into your body is what you’ll get out of it.

When he is not working or lifting weights, Mr. Luiz enjoys hiking and traveling.